If I Listen with My Heart, Verse 3: Envelope Game for Older Children

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“Find a group of three or four friends.  Every group needs an envelope.”  My pianist and other adults help pass out the envelopes to each group (as well as help find a place for every child in one of the groups).  “I will sing this song 5 times.  See if you can put the words from the envelope in the order they are in the song before I finish singing.  Warning! not all of the words are in the envelope, only the major words.”


I start to sing the song as the groups begin to put the words in order.  If one of the groups finish first, I ask them to help the others by singing the song with me.  I walk around to the different groups to see how things are going.  If they need help on a certain word, I emphasize it as I sing.IMG_3968

Here are the words I put in the envelope.  I cut apart the words and make one envelope for every 3 to 4 children in my Primary.  Verse 3 If I listen envelope game corrected


This activity is a cooperative effort on the part of the children to solve the puzzle of which word comes where in this song.  They are active, engaged, and concentrating on the “puzzle.”  The melody, rhythm, and word placement come quickly into their brains.  And it is fun!

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  1. Sue Brown

    The picture on the corrected third verse of “I Hear the Savior’s Voice” was right, but it printed wrong.

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Sue, I wish I was smarter than my computer, but apparently it wins again! (sigh) Hopefully you can just take the words and type them up into something that works for you. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

  2. Angie

    Hi Sharla – do you not print every word to the song out? It seemed at first like small words like “a” or “He” weren’t there, but then I noticed “times of need” wasn’t there. Can you tell me more about this? Is this because it would take too long? Or are you just trying to focus on certain words? Do the children get confused that some words aren’t there? Do you tell them at the beginning that not all words are there? Thank you!

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Angie,
      Yes, I tell them before we start that not all the words are there. Because all the words are not there, they have to fill in the words in their head, with some of the words there helping them as guides. It is much better for their memory that way, and encourages them to sing it inside their heads as they put this game together. Thanks for asking!

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