If the Savior Stood Beside Me: Scarves – Circle and Up/Down for Younger Children

“Pretend you have a scarf in your hand and follow my hand.”  I begin to sing and circle my scarf.

If the Savior stood beside me (circle four times to the right side with my scarf)

Would I do the things I do  (cross over to the left side and circle four times)


Call out “Freeze!”  Ask, “Is your hand pointed over to this side just like mine?”


Begin to sing again.

Would I think of His commandments and try (Up on think, Down on His, Up on -mand, Down on and)

Harder to be true? (Up on harder, Down on to be, Up and then Down on true)


Call out “Freeze?” Ask, “Is your pretend scarf on the ground frozen like my scarf?”


Begin to sing again.

Would I follow His example (circle four times to the right side with my scarf)

Would I live more righteously? if I could  (circle four times to the right side with my scarf)

See the Savior standing nigh (Up on See, Down on Savior, Up on standing, Down on nigh)

Watching over me. (Up on watching, Down on over, Up and then down on me)


Ask, “Would you like a scarf to move as we sing this song again?”  Have another adult help you pass out the scarves to each child.

Sing and  move the scarf again in those patterns, having the children follow you.  Occasionally use the command, “Freeze!”  It will help the children monitor themselves as to whether or not they are truly following your movements.


This activity gives the children a change to move to a slower beat in an appropriate way, as well as a chance to hear the whole song while their body is engaged in moving to the music.   The gently movements help to give the children the quiet feel of the song.

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  1. Diane Hibbard

    Hi Sharla,

    Thanks for all your great ideas! Do you have any suggestions for where to buy, or how to make, scarves inexpensively? What are the dimensions of the ones you use? Thanks!

  2. Kristina Chamberlain

    I’m thinking of using windwands with the older kids, after using scarves with the younger kids. Do you think I should make the movements more complicated for the older children, or keep this nice easy pattern?

  3. Crystal Brinkerhoff

    You have the last portion of the 3rd vs instead of the first. Just fyi.

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