May – 4 weeks of Primary Music Activity Ideas: Younger

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YOUNGER CHILDREN (Click the name of the activity to be taken to that page)

WEEK 1 – Take it in, Take it out

This activity is a great way to have the song truly come into the child!  Once you have had two or three different activities introducing the song (two or three different weeks), this is a wonderful way for the child to hear the song in their head.  On a cue like the ringing of a bell, or the tap of a drum, the children take the song inside and sing it in their head without any sound.  The next cue, the children bring it out and sing out loud again.

WEEK 2 – Be my Mirror

This activity works best with gentle beat songs and with an older child parred up with a younger child.  Ask a child to be your mirror as you sing.  Their hands follow your hands as they mirror you.  (Think of looking in a mirror and moving.)  Instruct the children to move their hands slowly and to the music.

WEEK 3 – Concrete Word Stand In

This activity represents specific key words of the song with a movement.  I often have the children help me make up the movement. Because young children learn best through actions and sight (the don’t yet symbolize well), this movement is a strong way to help them learn the concepts of the song.  The better the movement standing in place of the word, the more the children will understand the meaning.

WEEK 4 – Windwands

This activity works with either gentle beat songs, or strong beat songs.  Make up a simple pattern, doing each action of the pattern for at least 8 beats of the song.  The color of the windwands, the fluttering of the ribbons in the wind, and the movement in the body makes this activity one of the children’s favorites.


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  1. Natalie

    Sharla- I sing your praises to all I meet and to everyone who wants to compliment me on my Singing Times 🙂 (And, I thank Father for giving you these talents to share with us 😉

    Question: It seems like you are fairly organized. So, is it bad for me to assume that your Singing Time tools, etc. are organized also? If so… Is there a chance for you to write up a post and take some photos of how you organize your materials (rhythm sticks, wind wands, posters, instruments, etc) for Singing Time? I usually don’t like the tutorials, since not everyone has the same things to be organized. But, I’ve tried to copy what you’ve done, and I see that many women have also, so I think it would definitely be much appreciated!

  2. stephanie

    ^^^^I agree with Natalie. I’d love to see how you organize your tools.

  3. Zefa Schvaneveldt

    I, too, would find value in seeing how you organize and stay organized! I’m loving these new concepts I’m learning from you. Thank you so much!!

    • Sharla Dance

      I’ll post some pictures, but please don’t hold me up as the organizing standard! Take care, Sharla

    • Sharla Dance

      Hi Sandy, Here is one idea of how to make wind wands.

      Other people have tied ribbon onto wood craft circles, cut up a shower curtain and stapled it to a stick, or other ideas. I have had my wind wands for 20 years, and they are some of the favorite activities in Primary!

  4. Sharla Goff

    I love your name! Also, thank you for the wonderful ideas.
    Sharla Goff

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