3rd Article of Faith: ABC for Older Children

At the front of the room are these words:




I stand in front of the children and ask,

“If one of your friends ask you what you believe, what would you say?” (Receive their answers.)

“Do you know what believe means?” (Receive their answers.)


I continue.


“On the walls are some other words for believe.”  (Point to the word Believe in the front.)

“Also on the walls are also some different ways to explain what the word atonement means. (Point to the word Atonement.)

“And also on on the walls are some different titles for who Christ really is.” (Point to the word Christ.)

“I will tap you on the shoulder.  Choose one of the explanations on the wall and put it up under either the word Atonement, the word Believe, or the word title Christ.”


Sing as they sort

Begin singing the song, (We believe that through…), and tap several different children on the shoulder (or point to them) to go choose an explanation and bring it up to the front in the right column.  Keep singing the song over and over as the children bring the words up to the front.


Once all of the words are brought to the front, ask the children to sing the song with you.  Point to the different words as you sing.


This activity helps children to widen their perspective about this Article of Faith.  As they use their logic to sort the words into the right categories, they deepen their experience with that particular word.  As they watch the children do the sorting process, they silently are doing it themselves.  It challenges and engages this age child.



Here are some suggestions for words you might have under these three categories.


Take the pains of someone else

Make the payment for someone else’s debt

Forgive sins for someone

Give help to someone else

Brings life to someone who is dead



Have faith in

Have no doubt

Place confidence in





The Good Shepherd

Friend of Friends

King of Kings


Son of God

Prince of Peace






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  1. Lisa

    You are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!! I have learned so much from you.

  2. pamela friske

    Thank you so much!!! You are so creative and talented! You make my calling so much easier and make me a better teacher. If I could hug you I would 🙂 Pamela

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