Stand for the Right: Body Partner Rhythm Pattern for Older Children

“Here’s the pattern.”

Patsch*, clap, clap

Stomp, clap, clap

Snap, clap, clap

Snap, clap, clap

(*a patsch is hitting the front of your legs with your palms)

I demonstrate the pattern in front of the children then ask, “Who can describe in words what I’m doing?”  I demonstrate the pattern a couple of times as the children say words to describe the pattern.


“Do the pattern with me.”  I demonstrate the pattern once again…and do it over and over while the children join me in the movement.  Once I do the whole pattern once through, I start to sing, “Our prophet has some words for you,…” I sing the whole song and do the pattern all the way through with the children doing the movement pattern with me.

As we get to the end of the song, on the words, “Stand for the Right,” I stop the pattern and stamp my foot on the beat four times, one on each of the words.


“I can see that was too easy for you! Here’s the new pattern.”  (I’m adding a challenge with yet another opportunity to move to the song!)

I ask one of the children to be my partner and we do this pattern slowly.

Patsch, clap, clap

*Clap across, clap, clap  (Clap across means to clap your neighbor’s hands in front of you, palms up)

Snap, clap, clap

Clap across, clap, clap

(Position for *clap across with your neighbor)



“Find a friend!”  I ask the children to find a partner.  I encourage the teachers to help every child find a partner, and to be a partner with a child if necessary.

“Ready?”  Patch, clap, clap….  We all do the friend pattern together (with our partners).  After we do the pattern once, I begin to sing, “Our prophet has some words for you…”  I sing the whole song as we do the pattern over and over again.  (The children will sometimes join in the singing on their own accord.)  On the words “Stand for the Right,” we all stomp four times.


Extender:  If there is enough time AND if the children seem up to the task, ask the children to get in groups of four.  They will be doing the same pattern, but when they clap across, one of the partnerships will have to go low, and one of the partnerships will have to go high.  Sing the song again doing the pattern.


This activity is fun!  Steady beat to the song comes alive in the actions.  Patterning is huge for the brain, and we are doing two different patterns. Interaction with other people with the purposeful movement helps connections between two people.  And… the words slip into the back door of the brain as we concentrate on so many other things!

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  1. H Payne

    This seems like so much fun, but I would really love to see a video to better understand it. Is there one posted anywhere?

    • Sharla Dance

      I just added a video of the movement to the post. Thanks for asking!

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