Come Follow Me: Mirror Image for Older Children

Can you be my mirror?

The child across from me tries to follow me as if he or she was a mirror and I was moving in front of it as I sing the song, Come Follow Me. I move slowly to match the tone and feel of the song. I not only move to the side and back, but out and in.  The child is focused and concentrating. The other children are watching what will happen.

Find a partner.

Have the children each find a partner.  Each partnership decides who is the mirror follower, and who is the person moving.  Remind them to move slowly and smoothly like the feeling of the song.

Hint: If you have older boys, it often works better if they are partnered up with a teacher or a younger child that is not high energy.  It is a challenge for this age boy to move slowly.  Matching them up with the right partner makes a world of difference in their ability to be successful with this activity.  Sing the song again as the children move slowly, one leading and one following.


Challenge the children to switch who was the leader and who was the mirror.  Sing the song again as they move.


As soon as you have finished singing the song, I would call out “Freeze!,” then bear a very short testimony.


I really enjoy watching the children’s faces as they interact with their partner and as they concentrate. They are so focused and so involved.  They don’t even notice that they have heard the song through three times, and that the words and melody of the song are slipping into the backdoor of their brain.


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  1. Andrea

    Do you think this could work for a jr/sr combined primary if we matched an older child with a younger?

    • Sharla Dance

      As always, it depends on your particular mix of children. I would give it a try!!

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