3rd Article of Faith: What can the Atonement Do? Concentration Game

Prepare two copies each of some pictures that depict the different ways the Atonement helps people: comfort, overcoming trials, support with hard things, resurrection, renewal of the body, understanding pain, etc.  Here’s an example…


Because of the Atonement, Jesus knows what I feel like when I’m sick.

Concentration Match Up Game

If you have a young Primary, use only 4 or 5 matches.  If you have an older Primary, use 6 or 7 matches.

Place the pictures in a grid up at the front of the room. Cover each picture with a darker color of paper.


Tell the children “While I sing this song, I’m going to tap someone on the shoulder to uncover two of these pictures.  If they are a match, we’ll leave them uncovered.  If they are NOT a match, we will cover them back up again.  Work together to find all of the matches.”

Start singing.  “We Believe that through the atonement of Christ…”

Tap a child on the shoulder to come up.  Continue tapping children on the shoulder (or pointing to them) as you sing in order to find the matching pictures.  When all of the pictures are matched, ask the children, “What does this picture have to do with the atonement?” (Point to a specific picture.)  Receive their answers.  Do the same thing for some or each of the different pictures.  Ask them to sing this song about the atonement with you.


This activity helps to give visual images to the power of the atonement.  The children are focused on the concentration game while hearing the song sung over and over again.  The words to the song slip in the back door of the brain.

Suggestions of pictures to use:

Here are some suggestions.  These pictures are from the lds.org images

jesus-woman-taken-in-adultery-948852-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can forgive.

father-holding-son-844313-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can be comforted.

meme-proclamation-family-grave-1256673-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can be with my family again.

lds-charities-wheelchair-initiative-sierra-leone-694285-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can someday walk.

mormon-missionaries-teaching-ghana-1130965-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, people all over the world can hear the gospel.

easter-pictures-resurrection-mary-magdalene-1242543-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can live after I die.

bread-and-water-351508-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can repent and try again every week with the Sacrament

girls-clapping-1213182-print.jpg = Because of the atonement, I can live with my family forever.


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  1. Jaymee Orton

    Your way of teaching involves 100% of the children 100% of the time. They love it and want to participate so its easy to keep them reverent and that makes me love it. Thank you so much for all you do. I could never come up with this on my own, even though I have your book. I have a hard time taking the book information, deciding on an effective method/idea to use for that month’s particular song, and then putting it all together. Your blog helps a ton!

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Jaymee, Thank you for the encouraging words. I see you have a shared vision… that of engaging the children, as many as possible. Thank you for your comments about the blog. It is a labor of duty and love for me, and sometimes it gets very hard to keep up. I appreciate you reaching out. Thank you.

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