Come Follow Me: Egg Shaker Pass for Older Children

Shake. Pass. Pick Up.

Shake. Pass. Pick Up.

The gentle passing game with the egg shakers captures the mood and feel of the song, yet in a way that challenges the children.


Tell the children:

Here’s the pattern. (Hold an egg shaker. Shake in the air, tap your right leg, tap your left leg.) Copy my pattern holding a pretend egg shaker. (Do it again as the children copy.) (Start singing the song and doing the pattern.

When you have finished the song, say “I see you have the pattern down.  Now let’s get you an egg to hold.”  (Pass out the eggs to the children. If you don’t have enough, do it with half of the room, then trade off.)

Sing the Song and do the pattern

Sing the song and do the pattern.  Be really picky about each child starting with the shake, tapping his or her right leg, then ending with their left.  It will be really important as they pass the eggs which direction they go.

Combine into groups

Challenge the children to find a group of about 6 or 7 people and sit in a circle on the floor.  Some chairs may have to be pushed back so there is room for all the groups.  Call out “Freeze!” to get the children’s attention.  Tell the children instead of tapping their own leg, they are going to pass their egg to their neighbor on the left. Put it on the floor in between you.  Count off the beat… 1,2,3 Pick up, Shake, Pass.  Call out “Freeze!” again.  Make sure each person is passing to their left. Count off the beat.  Pick up, Shake, Pass, Pick up Shake, Pass, Pick up Shake Pass.  As they continue the pattern begin sing the song with the word “Come” on the shake.

One of the benefits of this activity is the movement and group interaction.  The children are moving slowly (a hard thing for this age) which captures the feel of the hymn.  They are working together as a team. They are concentrating and focused as they participate.  The words enter the back door of their brain, and the whole experience is sparks interest.

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