I Feel My Savior’s Love

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  1. Waves of the Sea
  2. Action Word Actions
  3. Paper Plates pattern
  4. Silent Video
  5. Magic Crayon
  6. Melody Map and pictures of the Savior

Older Children

  1. Waves of the Sea
  2. Melody Map and add the personal words
  3. Complicated Paper Plates pattern
  4. Silent Video

This is a very personal song about my own relationship with the Savior. It refers to “me,” “I,” or “my” 10 different times. It refers directly to the Savior 7 different times, each time about the Savior relating to me personally. The feel of the song is gentle with some high peaks. This song has quite a few words for a young child to learn,… thus the children need more chances to move to the song as they are hearing the words over and over again.

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  1. Yvonne Stefan Christensen

    I’m confused. Where can I find info on “waves of the sea”. I’m unsure what that is…thanks

    • Sharla Dance

      Waves of the Sea is a movement that mimics the waves coming into the shore and going out again to the steady beat of the music. The waves get bigger or smaller according to the dynamics and feel of the song. For instance, on the word “feel,” your hands and arms start to push gently out and come back in starting on the word “Savior’s.” There are examples of this on YouTube (search teaching primary music) and in some of the videos that are for sale from different years on this blog.
      Thanks for asking!

      • Sharla Dance

        Using a cheap paper plate in each hand, you do a series of movements to the steady beat such as swishes, taps, or arches above the head. The children get the feel of the beat and meter, enjoy moving to the music, and the paper plates work as an extension that helps them be very engaged in the learning process.

    • Sharla Dance

      Thanks for asking. I sent an explanation in response to Yvonne on this page. You can also look for it on YouTube under teaching primary music.

  2. Katrina Parry

    Is there a video that you’ve used that works great with this song for “Silent Video”?
    Also, when you do silent video, are you the only one singing? Do you have the kids join you? (Or repeat the video and have them sing with you on the next one)

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