I Wonder When He Comes Again

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Here is one way to begin teaching I Wonder When He Comes Again. (With a note that this would only be ONE of the ways that I teach it!)

The beauty of using a squiggle map is that the child can actively be following the squiggle map as he or she hears the whole song, one of the most important things for laying down the connections in the brain for a song. The child is engaged, listening, and moving… a trifecta of wonderful learning.

I Wonder When He Comes Again, The Church of Jesus Christ, and When I Am Baptized

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  1. Jessica Tanner

    Hi Sharla! Thank you for sharing your singing time videos! We love doing them with our primary girls at home. They have been so helpful. In your videos there are handouts that you use for different songs. I was just looking at your March 7 video and had trouble finding where to locate the handouts you mention.. Is there a link somewhere?

    Thanks so much!

    • Sharla Dance

      I have just put up the handouts for I Wonder When He Comes Again (Circle and Cross Out) and The Church of Jesus Christ (Susan Fitch’s great illustrations to cut apart and see how fast you can get them in order). Thank you for asking!

      • Brooke

        Hi Sharla! Where is the link posted for the handout? I looked in the YouTube video description and didn’t see it, so I assume I’m looking in the wrong place.

        • Sharla Dance

          This is Susan Fitch’s art. I searched Christ with Children Susan Fitch and it came up on a random 3.bp.blogspot.com address. Susan also has a website and an Etsy shop. Thanks for asking!

    • Coral Werner

      Do the children point with pencils to the song map as well on I Wonder When He Comes Again?

      • Sharla Dance

        They could if you want them to. The main point is to engage them and their sense of wonder. Thanks for asking!

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