I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus – history of the song

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Sometimes hearing what the composer has to say about the song they have written is a part of our best preparation.  Here is a video clip of Janice Kapp Perry speaking of her song, “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.”

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  1. Lynn Slocum

    I am not sure which version of your book to purchase, the book or the digital version. What would you suggest? What is the most popular?

  2. Cali

    I just wanted to let you know that I ended singing time today with the silent video idea you gave in your training with this song. It was a really beautiful and peaceful way to end primary. Thank you for sharing so many ideas that invite the spirit and teach the children more than just the words to each song. I hope that you are doing well.

    • Sharla Dance

      This made me smile. I’m so grateful you were able to have that feeling in your Primary! And thank you for your kind words.

    • Jen

      When you used the silent video, you used the “Light the World” video from lds.org right? How did you get it to fit right, at what point in the video did you start (did you skip the first part of the video that has the Christmas decorations, etc?) and did you sing 1 verse of the song?

      • Sharla Dance

        If I remember right, I started from second 61 (or was it 31) where scenes from Jesus’ life are shown. Yes, I skipped the first part of the video. Thanks for asking!

  3. Lynn

    Can anyone explain how to present a video in the primary? How does it get from lds.org to tv screen?

    • Sharla Dance

      I have to download it onto my computer, then hook up my computer to the TV screen at church.

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