Latter-day Prophets: Older and Younger Children

The music from

If you click the link above, you will see the music that includes Russell M. Nelson.


How can we help the children recognize the 17 different prophets we have had from Joseph Smith to Russell M. Nelson?  Music is a great way!  Here are some ideas to help teach the song.





Older Children

  1. Hand Slap pattern
  2. Rhythm Band
  3. Envelope Game

Younger Children

  1. Sway and Freeze
  2. Windwands
  3. Finger puppet counting

6 Responses

    • Sharla Dance

      I use small pictures of the prophets in a small finger sized envelope on three sides. One side is open for the finger. You can make three sets, then divide the children into three groups. They put the prophets in order asa group while you sing. Then, the final time through the song, each individual child holds a particular puppet up in the air when the name is sung in the song.

  1. Joy

    I’m having a hard time picturing a finger sized envelope on three sides so I can make them. Can your send a more detailed description or a picture.

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