My Heavenly Father Loves Me: hand slap patterns for Older Children

What do you see?  What do you notice?

I’m holding up the above sign in front of the children.  I ask, “What do you see?  What do you notice?”  I receive their answers.  “What does this have to do with the pattern I’m going to show you?”


I show the pattern:

Down up down (switch) Down up down (switch) Down up down Hold up hand.

Down up down (switch) Down up down (switch) down, hand up and pop with the other hand. (see video below)

I work with the children to learn the pattern slowly, then I begin to sing as we do the pattern.

What does this have to do with this song?

After I finish singing the song and doing the pattern, I ask, “What does this code have to do with the song and the pattern?”  I receive their answers.

We sing the song again doing the pattern.

See a video of it –



Let’s sing the song and do the pattern again, but only sing the words on the poster.  I will sing all of the other words.  Sing the song and do the pattern.

Let’s sing the song again, but this time the only words both of will sing are the words on the poster.  No words but the words on the poster when they come in the song!  Sing the song and do the pattern.

8 Responses

  1. Kasandra

    Hi!love all of your ideas- and I would especially love to see this in action-but I’m unable to get to the you tube video from the link? Is it me? ??‍♀️
    Thanks for everything!!! You’ve helped me keep my primary engaged!

  2. Lynn

    Oh I love this. What a great pattern to do with hands! I am doing this right away!!!! I think I could try and do a simplified version with younger.
    Thanks Sharla.
    I am coming to your workshop in Atlanta. Do you sell the books there or not?

  3. Kristine

    This sounds wonderful! But I am also having a hard time accessing the link to the video. Can you try resending it again?

  4. Collin

    What are some of the answers the children reply to “What does this have to do with the song.” Partly, because I’m not sure what my response would be…

    • Sharla Dance

      The song is based on this beat. The sentences in the song are emphasized with our movement. We help our brain remember the feel of the song, the beat of the song, and even give the brain a place to put the words of the song when we do movements like this. Our brain has a strong memory for movement, so moving like this to a song is one of the best ways for our whole being to feel the song.

      thanks for asking!

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