Primary Singing Time Example – Nov 29th

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This singing time uses the songs:

  1. Away in a Manger
  2. Thanks to our Father
  3. Stand for the Right
  4. I Thank Thee Dear Father

The Activities used are:

  1. Sway and Freeze
  2. Hand Signs
  3. Picture Slideshow
  4. Scarves

Remember to repeat the songs a few times so the children can internalize them. If you hop from song to song too fast, they can get a bit lost.

6 Responses


    I love your ideas of ways to teach the children in a way they can be active, and engaged.

  2. Cindy Syndergaard

    I really like your method of teaching. I have been a Primary chorister off and on for 40 years but never learned any of this. You are brilliant! Thank you for teaching me and sharing your methods.

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Cindy, You are very kind. My back story is I have a child with a childhood brain tumor and I had to learn ways for her to learn after the radiation. I just started applying those things to Primary Music since I already knew the brain reasons why they were strong activities. Of course we both know it is not me, but only me as an instrument for Heavenly Father’s work.

  3. Katie

    Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas and effort to make these videos! I really appreciate you helping to make singing time a joyful place to be for the children. I love incorporating all your ideas into singing time! Thank you!

  4. Sheri

    I’ve been using and loving your methods since I started as a primary music leader a couple of years ago. When we switched to home church, I struggled with singing at home – we only have 1 primary aged child in our home now, and she learns a little differently – it has kind of felt like we’re failing at teaching the gospel to her. Anyway, your singing time videos over the last few months have been a lifesaver! Music works so well with her, and having your ideas in front of us has been SO helpful! Thank you for the time you put in to these!
    I just have one question -the videos often reference handouts – where do I find these? We’ve just been kind of winging it without them or creating our own, but it would be great to have the actual handouts.

    • Sharla Dance

      Hi Sheri, I usually link them in a Facebook post to Latterday Saints Chorister or Sharla Dance teaching methods when I share them each week. Thank you, and thank you for asking!

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