Reverence Is Love – Story Song

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Story Song Idea

A story song has a strong power to attach images and emotions from the children’s minds to the song, as well as giving them an opportunity to hear the entire song and give context to the words.

Tell the children you have a story to tell them. Begin to tell the story and sing the song.

Sam and his dad had hiked up a steep mountain to the lake, then put their tent up in the dark. When Sam woke up in the morning, his dad wasn’t in his sleeping bag. Sam poked his head out the door of the tent and saw his dad sitting over by the lake watching the sunrise.

Sam pulled on his shoes and coat and walked over to his dad. His dad heard him and turned to smile at Sam. “Sam,” he said, “It is so amazing! Look at the blue of the lake, the snow on the mountains, and how beautiful Heavenly Father has created everything!” Sam looked out and could see the water on the lake looked so clear it was like glass. It was beautiful.

Sing – “Reverence is more than just quietly sitting, It’s thinking of Father above,”

Sam’s dad sat quietly for a minute, then turned to Sam. “Do you remember the operation I had on my eye last year to try and save my sight?” Sam nodded. His dad continued, “I am so blessed that the operation worked, or I wouldn’t be able to see this amazing place with both of my eyes.” They both sat quietly together thinking about it.

Sing – “A feeling I get when I think of my blessings, I’m rev’rent for rev’rence is love.”

Sam finally spoke up. “I’m really glad there’s no trash thrown around up here. It would make it not as good somehow.” Sam’s dad nodded in agreement. “I agree. It doesn’t seem right to show disrespect like that.”

Sing – “When I’m rev’rent, it shows in my words and my deeds. The pathway to follow is clear.”

“Dad,” Sam said, “do you remember when we were all kneeling around the living room praying for your eye? Well, it kind of feels like that right now.” “Yea,” his dad said, “Heavenly Father was there then. And I think He is here now because we are being grateful for His creations.” Just them, Sam saw a fish jump in the lake. It was amazing.

Sing – “And when I am rev’rent, I know in my heart Heavenly Father and Jesus are near.”

In the quiet moment after you have finished the story and the song, you might want to bear a short and simple testimony.

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