Simplified Rhythm Band for Younger Children: Follow the Prophet

Rhythm band.  Excitement. Curiosity. Intrigue. Teamwork. The older children love the activity. (See the post from January 17th, 2015.)


I was asked, “How do you do this activity for younger children?”

I use a variety of instruments.  I have the oldest children help the younger children. I use only one rhythm.  I practice the rhythm WITHOUT the instruments first. I set the boundaries of respecting the instruments. I enlist help of other adults to pass out the instruments.  We practice the rhythm once, then I sing as we continue to do the rhythm over and over again.


When the song is finished, I call out “Freeze!” (It brings a chance for the children to bring order to themselves.) I give the children 10 seconds to switch instruments with one of their friends. We play the rhythm and sing the song again.  If there is time, we again switch instruments and sing the song again while playing the rhythm. I call out “Freeze!” again and I get help to collect the instruments while I direct the children’s attention to the next activity.

This activity is ALWAYS a favorite!<grin>

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  1. kaylee smith

    what is they rhythm that you use to first teach the kids follow the prophet?

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Kaylee, If you are talking about the rhythm band, I use ta, ta, ti ti, ta (quarter, quarter, eighth eighth, quarter). If you look at the Rhythm Band for Older children post, it lists some other possibilities. I will be posting another rhythm band option that is gentle for He Sent His Son these next two weeks. Hope this helps.

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