Stand for the Right: Body Rhythm Pattern for Younger Children

Be True, be true.


“I have a story.

The battle was fierce.  So many men were injured on both sides.  In fact the leader of one army was killed, and the other leader, Moroni, was injured.  Things were going badly.  That is when 2,000 young men joined the fighting.  They had never even fought before!  But these were were young men who were “true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted.”  They were amazing young men.” (Alma 53:20)


Immediately I ask the children, “Can your hands follow my hands?”

I stand in front of the children and begin this pattern to the beat.

Patsch, clap, clap.  Patsch, clap, clap.


The children begin to follow me as I continue to do the pattern.  I start singing,

“Our prophet has some words for you…”



On the words, “Be true, be true,” I punch first one arm out in front of me, then the other arm.

On the words, “Stand for the right,” I hit both palms of my hands on my thighs (patsch) 4 times.


“Is there anyone who thinks they know this pattern enough to come up and lead with me?”  I choose two or three children to come up front with me.  We sing the song again, doing the rhythm pattern as we sing.  I ask, “Can you each go find two or three friends to come up with you and lead the activity?”  The original children choose two or three friends each and they all come up to the front.  I move to the back facing them.  We sing and do the pattern again.


“Thank you!  How many of you think you could do the pattern with your eyes closed? Let’s try!”  We sing and do the pattern.  I watch carefully as the children move with their eyes closed to see who is moving to the beat, and who might need a little more help.


The children love being involved, moving their bodies, and being the leaders.  This pattern helps children learn to move to the beat, which helps their frontal lobe develop!  And it’s fun!

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  1. Threesa

    Very cute idea.
    I hope you won’t thunk me rude, but the injured leader is Helaman. Moroni was not involved in that battle. You probably know that and just wrote it wrong.

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Threesa, I don’t think you are rude at all. I should have listed my sources a little better and explained my story more. I spoke of the battle in Alma 52:35 where they fought on both sides with exceeding fury. Moroni was wounded and the other leader, Jacob, was killed. It is the chapter before Helaman takes command of the two thousand stripling sons. Thanks for helping me explain my story better. I appreciate it.

  2. Amber

    Thank you so much for this! For the older children I followed your video of partner body rhythm patterns for “Follow the Prophet.” Since this “Stand for the Right” is in 3/4 I modified it to this:

    beginning on the word “prophet” patsch 2x, clap 1x, forearm 2x, partner clap 1x. Then following that pattern all the way through the song.

  3. Lauri Cale

    This worked SOOO well for me this past week! I actually did it in both junior and senior and added a few more difficult motions for the seniors. I think because we discussed the scripture verse first, they understood it better.
    I love these lesson plans. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

    • Sharla Dance

      Yea! Way to add in some more complicated moves for seniors. I’m so glad it went well! Take care, Sharla

  4. Chantel

    I’m wondering if this will work for singing Dare to Do Right? Have you done it with this song before?

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