We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet: Body Rhythm patterns for Older

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Patsch, Patsch

Clap, Clap  (You can see a video of patsch, patsch, clap, clap on the chorus of Praise to the Man here.)

Stomp, Stomp,

Snap, Snap


(This Video is labeled Follow the Prophet, but can also be used for We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet because of their similar mood and strong beat.  You will not start the patsch until the word “thank” because “we” is a pick up note before the strong first beat of the measure.)

Tell the children

Tell the children – Here is the pattern.  Can your hands follow my hands?  (Do the pattern and have the children follow you.  After you have done the pattern twice, start right into singing.  The word “We” will come on the last snap.)

Sing the song and do the pattern.  (You may not want to hold out the word “gospel,” but keep going right with the beat, unless you feel very confident with this activity<grin>.)

Tell the children – You were so good I’m going to add a different challenge!  (Choose a teacher or an older coordinated child to be your partner.  Call out these words as you do the new pattern.)

New challenge

Patsch, Patsch

Clap, Clap

Clap across    (You will be clapping the partners palms in front of you twice.)

Stomp, Stomp

(Do the pattern about three times with your new partner, calling out the words above as you do the actions.)

Ask the children to stand up and find a partner.  (Ask a teacher to help any who are struggling to find a partner.)

Ask everyone to do the partner pattern with you.  Do it about three times, then start to sing.  Again… the word “we” will come on the last “stomp.”

Sing the song and do the partner pattern. At the end of the song, call out “Freeze.”  Now might be an appropriate time to give two short sentences about your testimony and love of the prophet.  Then ask the children to quickly find their seats.

The movement to the beat of the song is engaging.  Following the pattern for this age is exactly what their brain is seeking.  And the testimony from you about the prophet once the children are fully engaged is priceless.

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  1. Kristina Chamberlain

    So good, thank you! We sang this song last week, and I was surprised that the kids barely knew it. I’m excited to teach it again with this rhythm!

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