The colors of the ribbons bring excitement to the room as they flutter through the air.  The children are concentrating hard to get their ribbons to follow the pattern of the teacher.  You can palpably feel the enthusiastic and electrical feel of energy in the room as the children move their windwands to the pattern as the teacher sings.

What are some windward patterns you can use to the beat of a song?

Circle left, circle right

Circle up, circle down

Figure eight up

Figure eight down

Snake on the floor

Snake up and snake down

Over the shoulder right, over the shoulder left

Paint the sky, paint the floor

How do you make a windwand?

Get three lengths of ribbon (I used 3 ft.).  Secure them to a dowel or embroidery hoop (or something for the children to hold on to).

Update – I got lots of questions about how to make wind wands, so I wrote this post for you! 🙂 How to make windwands.

There are also commercially made windwands:



Rainbow Rhythm Ribbon Set on Amazon


Yellowtails YTC-105 Rhythm Ribbon Set 6 3 L Asstd Colors on


Using windwands with younger children:  Do simple movements to the beat for at least 8 beats.

Using windwands with older children: Do a movement two times on one side, then switch to the other side.  Follow with another type of movement.  For example:  Circle left 2x, circle right 2x, snake on the floor back and forth for 4 beats.

I will try to post some videos of using windwands with specific songs.  Let me know what songs you would like to see!

11 Responses

  1. Laura Bickmore

    How about wind wand movements to scripture power?? 😀

  2. Kristina

    Thank you for posting this, I am reading your book and was curious about wind wands. So I got on your website and immediately saw this video! You anticipate my every need ; o) You are awesome, Sister Dance!

  3. Laura Bickmore

    Question for you – in reading your book and your activities on your other webpage, i noticed you said to obtain a wand for at least 1/3 of the primary children… So do you then have them switch and give it to someone who hasn’t had a turn after the song is finished and sing it again?

  4. Laura Bickmore

    OOOooonnnne more question 🙂
    I have looked through appendix C in your book, and don’t see anything on making windwands. I know I can just tape ribbon to a dowel, or even ripple tie to a straw, but I want some nice wands like in your video – that have the “snap” to them. I swear I skimmed some instructions once on how to make them – do you have any links or info?

  5. Sandra Bradfield

    Thank you for directions on making the wind wands! I’m hoping to make some soon. I love that you share all of your great ideas. Our primary is changing for the better thanks to your inspiration!!!

    • Kristin Hawes

      I am with Holly. I would really love a wind wand pattern for He Sent His Son. I am having a hard time with the 3/4 timing instead of the 4/4 as you demonstrate here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

      • Sharla Dance

        (Because there is a rest on the first beat, these actions start on the first beat even before you say the word)
        Circle 3x left, Circle 3x right
        over the shoulder right, tap, tap, over the shoulder left, tap, tap
        snake on the floor 3 beats to the right, snake on the floor 3 beats to the left
        Up, tap, tap, Up, tap, tap

    • Sharla Dance

      I make up a different pattern using circles, over the shoulder, taps, and snake on the floor. I just make sure the pattern is 3 beats.

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