2015 is here. New songs, new activities here we come!

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Starting the new year!

I sat down for an hour or two yesterday and figured out some activities that will really help the children learn the songs for January, February, and March. I used the contrast of the “flavor” and tempo of the songs for January and March so that I could plan a great music time with lots of variation. I used the different ways of learning (multiple intelligences) for each song so that I could reach each individual child. I figured out at least 6 or more activities for the January song because it has lots of words that I want the children to know deep in their soul. I know that repetition with variations is one of the best ways to do that! I’m excited to share that planning with other Primary music directors as ideas to put in their tool kits.

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  1. Leslie

    Have you posted your March activities? I loved January and February!! I can’t seem to find your links for March?

  2. Sharla Dance

    I posted a few today, and more will come tomorrow. Thanks for asking!

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