Article of Faith #5 for Older children – Draw a Melody Map

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Draw the following pictures, and post them at the front of the room out of order.

Ask the children to put these in the order of the song while you sing the song.  Sing and tap a child on the shoulder to move the picture to the right place.  (I put magnets on the back so they will stick to a whiteboard or chalkboard.)

Keep singing and tapping children until all the pictures are put in the order of the song.

Now ask the children to sing only the words on the drawings while you sing everything else.  Sing the song, the children singing the words on the drawings and you singing everything else.

Switch and the children sing only the words that are NOT on the drawings while you sing the words ON the drawings.

Bear a short and simple testimony of being called of God.

The children love the challenge of this activity and they love figuring out the puzzle of what comes next.

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    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Dantzel, I would use this whenever you want to schedule it in. March is a good choice this year because the children already know Stand for the Right from last year. Thanks for asking!

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Caryn,
      Not yet. It is my intention to get 4 different ways to teach each Article of Faith, but this time of year is hectic for me (3 workshops in 6 weeks). Thank you for reminding me. I so appreciate it!

      • Dantzel

        We REALLY appreciate the time you put into helping us fulfill our callings better! I’ve been using your ideas – both from the website and from your book – and though there’s still quite a bit of refining left to do with some of the activities (on my end), the children are engaged and excited to learn!

  1. Lynne Marie Palmer

    Dear Sharla,
    I am learning. You should see how long I’ve had to practice to get the drum rhythm and beat you posted for the ‘younger’ children for ‘Stand for the Right’. They will love it, though, even if I mess up.
    My younger primary will be learning the 5th Article of Faith in April, I will try to be creative and come up with something, but if you already have some ideas… I’d love some help. They really loved the stair stepping you shared with the third article of faith.
    Thank you for sharing your talents, and time with the rest of us.

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