Article of Faith Singing time Series #1

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I have been requested to provide some ideas to teach the Article of Faith songs again and again. This is an attempt to fulfill that request. Each Article of Faith song will have at least two activities as ideas to teach it, although there are so many different ways!

Article of Faith #1

:16 hand signs

3:30 Magic Crayon for younger children

4:35 scarves

5:39 windwands

Article of Faith #2

6:28 pencil rhythm pattern

8:30 melody map

Post script. I was hurrying to take this video and said it was Article of Faith #3. It’s not! It is #2!?

6 Responses

  1. Angie Fennemore

    Thank you so much for taking the time to record these suggestions! I appreciate the variety. And I love your voice!

  2. Angela Tomlinson

    Is there a reason behind the different colors and patterns, or are they just for fun?

    • Sharla Dance

      The box sizes on the rhythm pattern show duration and I use different contrasting colors so that it is easily discernable. The box sizes on the Melody Map are also duration, but the patterns in them are just fun doodles. I did use different colors on each of the parts of the Melody Map to help make them again more discernable. Thanks for asking!

  3. MarvaLynn Bear

    I really appreciate these videos on the Articles of Faith songs, because some of the melodies are tricky to remember and teach to the children. These ideas are helpful for the many repetitions we need in order to learn them.

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