As a Child of God: Actions Instead for Older/Action Word Actions for Younger

I sing the song … up to the word “earth,” then say “What action can we use to mean ‘earth’?”  The children help me.  We decide on something, then I continue singing until I reach the word “power.”  We again make up an action for that word, decide on it, and I continue singing, making up an action for each of these words.

Have the children help you make up actions for these words:







child of God


special light

Holy Ghost

Here is the URL for the LDS ASL version of this song.  I use the handsign for Holy Ghost and helps with the children.





After we have decided on all of the actions for the song, we sing the whole song using the actions.  I then challenge the children to sing the song EXCEPT for the words for which we have actions.  Don’t sing the words with the actions, only do the actions!


Now challenge the children to switch and only sing the words with the actions!

As a final challenge, ask the children to not sing at all, but only do the actions as the pianist plays the song.

(This is a very strong way to remember the words because they are hearing them inside their head rather than outside.)

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