Calgary, Alberta, Canada online workshop

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Saturday, October 24th will be an online webinar training session for the Calgary area. It is hosted by the Calgary Confederation Park Stake at 10 am. We will be using suggested songs that augment the 2021 Come Follow Me Study.

Before this workshop, you might want to gather rhythm sticks (or two pencils), egg shakers (or a small plastic container filled with rice or grain), two paper plates, a wind wand or ribbons connected to a stick, a drum or table top, and a “bell” of some sort (even a metal bowl with a spoon will do.)

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  1. Eloise Miller

    Is there anyway I can watch your October 24 online webinar training session? I’m not in that stake, is there a way I can watch it too from home?

  2. Sharla Dance

    You can contact Michelle Tatlow, the Stake Primary president who is hosting the webinar, through Facebook to ask about the link.

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