Christmas Songs: Angels We Have Heard On High with handbells

Using handbells at Christmas is great fun for the children.  To see how I introduce the handbells before teaching any of the songs with handbells, you can look at the post for The First Noel.


This is another approach to a chart for the handbells.  Take a look at this fun website by Inspired Instructor. The sheet music is posted there for Angels We Have Heard on High.  I would print it off then enlarge it to poster size.  (I find the children do better when I am pointing in rhythm at a large poster.)

The children’s eyes light up when they get to play the bells!

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  1. Kim

    What Christmas songs would you suggest for nursery? They all seem rather complicated. I would love it at some point if you could add some Christmas songs to the other ones you wrote for nursery.

    • Sharla Dance

      You are so right. None of these ideas are for the nursery children. I will think on that. Thank you for the suggestion.

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