Foundations of Primary Singing Time – Utah Workshop Slides

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Thank you for everyone who joined us in Utah for two wonderful Workshops. Here are the slides I used.

Click the above link to download the slides.

The video from Saturday July 17th 2021 will be available to download once my tech guy (my son) gets it edited.

UV Towns: Salem - UtahValley360

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  1. Angie Datin

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I was hoping that video would be available. Your visit was perfect timing for me. It was the day before my first Sunday leading singing time and I had no idea what to do! Your workshop made me realize I could do it and it could be fun.

    • Sharla Dance

      There is a rough video available posted on Facebook by Camille Mangelson. The video is at the editor’s right now being clipped and typeset. Thanks for asking! I hope your Sunday went well!

  2. Blanca Llanco

    Hi Camille, I from Bolivia, I just read the blog and I want to buy the book in line of Sharla Dance, how can I get that? Thank you, I’m your fan.

    • Sharla Dance

      Hola Blanca, Bajo las palabras “To Teach a Child a Song,” hay algunos categorias. Una de esos es “Get the book.” Click sobre eso y sigue las instrucciones. Gracias por esta pregunta!

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