I Will Walk with Jesus

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  1. Scarf pattern and Self selected child leaders
  2. Concentration Matching Game (2 each of 6 pictures)
  3. Step, Cross Clap, Step back
  4. Sign Language


  1. Complicated Scarf pattern with partners
  2. Concentration Matching Game (2 each of 10 pictures/words)
  3. Paper Plates step and swirl, cross tap, step back, patsch
  4. Sign Language

This song is gentle, but earnest. The concepts are abstract (walk in wisdom, grow in truth, etc.), so it is hard for a child to visualize the meaning of the words. However, with gentle movement, interacting with visuals, and repetition of the words as you do a variety of activities, the children will feel the Holy Ghost testify.

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  1. Chirelle Weaver

    I am new here. Thanks for the great ideas!
    Is there a place where you explain your ideas, for example “Scarf pattern and. Self selected child leaders”?
    Do we find out own sign language or is there a place you have that posted?

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Chirelle, I have not posted the sign language, but I did see it on the web that someone had posted. A scarf pattern is using a scarf to do certain movements as you sing the song. I suggest circle 4x on one side, then 4x on the other side. If it is with younger children, just continue that pattern. If it is older children, I would then add passing the scarf around the back and in front 4x at that point.
      Self selected leaders is asking if there are two or three people that think they could come up front and lead the pattern as you sing the song. I usually do this at least twice in a row to give more children a chance to come up and lead.
      Thanks for asking!

  2. Lisa Kuykendall Crowther

    I’m having a hard time picturing the Paper Plates step and swirl, cross tap, step back, patsch and the variation for younger children.
    Do you possibly have video of this?

  3. Eloise Miller

    Paper Plates step and swirl, cross tap, step back, patsch for older children

    Can you give me a few more details for these actions? A video would even be more helpful. Thank you for sharing all your many talents to raise the bar, to help all of us do a better job. Your truly inspired to do what you’ve done to bless the children. I’m the lady that gave you the two magnets at the Logan workshop.

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