I Wonder When He Comes Again – Circle and Cross Out Activity

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Circle and Cross Out is a good activity for older Primaries, since the kids had to know how to read.

(If you have a combined primary, you could make the same activity for the younger kids but just use pictures instead of words.)


Gather enough pens for each child in the Primary, and print off a sheet for each one.
Give enough handouts and pens to each Primary teacher so they can hand them out to kids on your signal.


Explain to the kids that they need to be detectives. You are going to give each of them a set of questions and they have to figure out which questions are in the song, and which are not in the song.

Ask the teachers to hand out the papers and pens.

Start singing the song as the kids listen and try to circle or cross out the questions that are in, or not in the song.

After singing through the song once, ask them if they have all the questions done.

Sing the song as many times as they need to circle or cross out all the questions.

I show an example of Circle and Cross Out in this video:

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  1. Emily


    I love this method and I find that it really helps with the little kids to keep them occupied! It would be awesome if we could have a search engine to look up specific songs we need help with!

    Emily Lundgreen

    • Sharla Dance

      Hi Emily! There is a search bar at the top of the website on desktop and mobile. For example here is a search for ‘Follow the Prophet’ http://teachingprimarymusic.com/?s=follow+the+prophet

      Also sometimes I just type into Google ‘SONG NAME Teaching Primary Music’ and it does a great job showing results from this website.

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