If I Listen With My Heart 2nd Verse: Concentration Match It Game

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“Look up at the front of the room.  There are matching pictures under each of these covers.  When I tap you on the shoulder, go up and lift off two of the covers to see if you have a match.”


I tap a child on the shoulder and begin to sing the song.  ( I have made copies of pictures of Christ and of the current prophets in doubles and put them up out of order in the front of the room.)


I continue tapping children on the shoulder and having them make matches as I sing.  We continue singing the song over and over again until all the matches are found.  If you have a very young primary, only do four matches or so, …more for older children.

An extender to this activity:

Once all the matches have been found and the covers are all off, point to the picture of the prophet and do the American Hand Sign for “prophet.”  Ask the children to follow your hands. (two fingers coming from your eyes … someone who can see a far off, then both hands with palms facing inward coming down in front of the body – you can search the LDS.org ASL dictionary or any other online dictionary)  Say the word prophet, and follow with the hand sign.

Say the word speak, and follow with the hand sign (hand straight up and down with the palm facing mouth then wiggle slightly).

Say the word Christ, and follow with the hand sign.  Do this for about 5 or so of the major words of the song.

Sing the song and do simplified hand signs with the song as you sing.  Now ask the children to only sing with their hands, not their mouths.  The piano plays softly as you do the signs and mouth the words.

It is a quiet and beautiful moment.

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