Latter-day Prophets: Envelope game for Older children

Who are the Prophets of this Dispensation?

How do we teach the children the names of the prophets of this dispensation?

One way is to teach the song Latter-day Prophets.  Here’s an idea: Envelope Game

Make the envelopes

Print out all the names of the Latter-day prophets.  Cut up the paper, one name to a paper strip and put it in an envelope.  Make enough of these envelopes so that there are enough for a group of 4 children in your Older Primary to have one (example: 20 children, 5 envelopes)

Joseph Smith;

then Brigham Young

John Taylor

Then Wilford Woodruff;

Lorenzo Snow

Joseph F. Smith (remember the F);

Heber J. Grant;

and George Albert Smith;

David O. McKay

Joseph Fielding Smith,

Then Harold B. Lee,

Spencer W. Kimball

Ezra Taft Benson,

Howard W. Hunter

Gordon B. Hinckley,

Thomas S. Monson

Now we have Russell M. Nel-son


Lead the activity

Hold up one of the envelopes.  Tell the children that all the names of the Latter-day prophets are in the envelope, but you need help putting them in order.  Tell the children you will sing the song with all of their names about 6 or 7 times while a group of them put the names in order. Ask the children to get in groups of 4. Ask teachers to help groups as they see the need.  (The younger the children, the more help might be needed by an adult.)


Pass out the envelopes to the groups and begin to sing the song over and over again.  When a group is successful at putting all of the names in order, ask them to be the singers to help the rest of the groups to hear the names in order.


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