Stand for the Right: Work or Play Activity for Younger Children


Gather some implements that people use to work (a hammer, a calculator, some electrical tape, a whisk and bowl, etc.), and things that people use to play (a board game, some goggles, a ball, etc.).  Ask a class of children to come up and each choose an object quietly while you sing the song.

“Our prophet has some words for you…”

When you have finished the song, bring each child up to show what he has chosen.  Ask each of  the children, “Is this for work or for play?”  Receive the children’s answers individually.  After they have given you the answer, tell the child”here’s a part of the song you can always remember whenever you work or play.”  Sing “Be true, be true, and Stand for the Right.”

Repeat that process with each child in the class, each time having the child decide if the object is for work or for play, then singing the last part of the song. (Eventually you will begin to hear some of the children joining you to sing the last part of the song.)  The child sits down after they have shown their object.

Ask the children to help you sing the whole song all the way through.  (I sometimes will add a body rhythm pattern in as we sing like stamp, clap, clap, stamp, clap, clap.)


If there is time, choose another class to come up and choose an object.  This time have them stand in a line in front of the room so that everyone can see them.  As you touch each child’s head, have the other children say Work or Play. (Don’t sing in between, but move quite quickly.)  Now sing the song all together once again.


This activity is very visual and helps the children relate the words of the song to every day life.  They are engaged and interested in the real objects.  And it is fun for them!

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