When I Am Baptized: Envelope Game for Older Children, 2nd verse

I know

I am baptized

my wrongs

washed away

I can be forgiven

improve myself

I want my life

be as clean

as earth

after rain

I want to be

the best I can

live with God




Type out these words into a font at least 24 or above.  Copy enough for every 3 to 4 children in your older Primary (for example if you have 20 children, make at least 5 copies.  if you have 42 children, make at least 11 to 14 copies.  Cut each set of words into strips and put them into an envelope.  (Notice these are words from the 2nd verse.)




Tell the children you are going to sing the song 5 times, and their challenge is to put the words in this envelope order before you finish singing.  Tell the children that not all of the words to the song are in this envelope.  Ask the children to get into groups of 3 or 4 each.  Have your accompanist or another adult help you pass out the envelopes, one to each group.

(This activity works best if they spread the words out on the floor.)

Sing the song, emphasizing different phrases as you sing (to help them put things in order).  Walk around to the different groups as you sing.  If one group finishes before the others, ask them to help the other groups by singing the song with you.

When each group finishes putting the words in order, ask the children to sing only every other word strip, so sing the first set of words, don’t sing the second, sing the third, don’t sing the fourth, etc.  It’s quite the challenge!

Ask the children to put the word strips back in the envelope carefully and pass them in before you count to 10.

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    • Sharla Dance

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  12. Kristine

    Hi Sharla!
    I was just called to be the music leader a week ago. I have substituted as a music leader for 6 months while trying to find a music leader and used, with fun and success, your methods to teach the children. I have found these methods to be inspired and true to the essence of teaching a child a song. With this new calling, I have done your 2017 workshop a couple of times and am reading your book. In short I am an excited rookie. It’s a big puzzle to put together in my mind and I love it! I am confused of when to teach the next verses of the songs. Do you focus on a song with more verses for a longer period of time, say 8 weeks or do you teach a verse a week? How does that work?
    Thank you so much!

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Kristine, So fun! I love the term “excited rookie.” Yes, when you teach more than one verse of a song, you have to let that combination of words and rhythms settle in the mind so that it doesn’t get mixed up with another verse. When I teach two verses of a song, I take 4 weeks for the first verse, but only 2 or 3 weeks for the next verse. I will then review them each separately with a different activity on two different Sundays (a 3 or 4 minute quick activity). If you are teaching 3 different contrasting songs a week, you can actually extend the time you teach a song. For instance, activities with Nephi’s Courage, I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, and a review of past songs (Choose the Right, Stand for the Right, As a Child of God, etc.) for 4 weeks gives you the first verse of both of the new songs solidly. There is a contrast in the essence of each of those songs and all you have to do is contrast the activities. That takes all of June, then you move on to a second verse with separate activities, and another new song for contrast. Does that make sense?

      The common fallacy is thinking you have to spend all 15 minutes on one song. It’s not brain wise to do that (10 minute rule from the book, Brain Rules), it’s not helpful to memory to learn it all at once (line upon line), and it’s not as engaging for the children. Plus you get a lot more time experiencing a song over and over again in different ways so it goes deep into the soul of the child.

      Hope this helps! Take care, Sharla

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