Workshops to be rescheduled

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Dear friends, I was set to do a workshop on March 21st near the Canadian border and April 18th near Mt. Rainier. Those are going to be rescheduled. Because I created some new activities with songs from this year to present at those workshops, I will be working on some blog posts with those in them. Meanwhile, I will keep you posted on when the workshops will be rescheduled.

Also, we are working on a workshop in Georgia in September. I will keep you posted on that one, too.

Wishing you the best, Sharla

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  1. Dala Evans

    Hi Sharla. Dala Evans here. Loved visiting with you in the temple a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t tell you about an experience I had in one of my primary when I was doing ward conferences. The children wanted to sing Gethsemane. I was playing the piano and didn’t bring that music. One of the girls jumped up and said she knew it so she played it and one of the boys jumped up and directed it. How awesome is that? I cried.

  2. Heather Murray

    Yay! We can’t wait till you come back to Georgia. Stay healthy and we love you!

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