A Child’s Prayer: Ideas for Younger and Older Children

Ideas for Younger Children

  1. Magic Crayon
  2. Paper Plates
  3. Action Word Actions
  4. Scarves 

Ideas for Older Children

  1. Word and Rhythm Chart
  2. Rhythm Stick Roll Pattern this is the second activity on this video clip
  3. Paper Plates
  4. One Ribbon Patsch, Pop, and Circle
  5. Egg shaker melody map (digital version by Katherine Tong is on this website)

Partner Song Ideas (Pray, He is there…)

  1. Melody Map with Symbol Actions
  2. Paper Cup Pattern
  3. Wind Wands 
  4. Crack the Code

12 Responses

  1. Lynn

    What is one ribbon patsch, pop, and circle idea? Can you share any ideas or details about the partner song ideas? Thanks.

    • Sharla Dance

      Hold the ribbon in your hand as you patsch or circle or pop your other hand. I will try to get a post and video on that! Thanks for asking!

    • Irina Romecin

      I’m always so grateful for your ideas! Could you give an example for the paper cup pattern for the second part?
      Thank you!

  2. Lynn Allen Slocum

    I am curious still about the one ribbon, pop, circle idea. How are you holding a ribbon and I’m assuming this is not a ribbon wand but a single strand of ribbon? And is that hand holding the ribbon still while the other hand is doing actions? I’m not getting this one but I am curious for more details if you can share. Thanks!!

  3. Joan Harris

    I would like to learn about the “Action Word Actions” and the “Rhythm Stick Roll Pattern,” but their links both take me to the “Egg Shaker Melody Map.” Can you fix those links?

  4. Sabrina Lynn

    Hi! You said that the printable egg shaker melody map was on “this website.” I can’t find it however. On here or a different website? Thanks!

  5. Angela P

    Do you have any posts about the ideas for the partner song, Pray, He is there…? My Primary President really wants me to teach both songs so they can sing them together. I’d love to see what you did for the melody map and crack the code.

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