Updated (fixed the download link) – New Melody Map for ‘A Child’s Prayer’

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Here is the video of how to use this melody map with your children in Primary. (Note: although this melody map works best with older children, if you have a mixed age Primary, your younger children can be engaged doing the patsch, tap, tap pattern with the shaker and trying to follow along.)

We have 2 sizes of this melody map, an 8.5 x 11 and a 11 x 17.

8.5 x 11 download

11 x 17 download

For some reason the download had 6 of one image instead of all 6 different images. It is not fixed.

What song would you like a Melody map for next?

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  1. Laura

    I am so excited about your melody map for this song! I wanted to let you know that it looks like all pages of the document are the same as the first page.

    • Sharla Dance

      We fixed the tech glitch so that you get all the pages. In addition, I just added a short video of how to use this melody map with a shaker.

  2. April

    Hello! I am a new chorister and loving all of your ideas! Question- how do you approach the songs that you’re not sure the kids know? I’ve been teaching “I will walk with Jesus” but i wanted to run through “Search, Ponder, and Pray” next week a few times but my co-chorister is saying they haven’t really sung it for a long time. So some of the olders may know it but not the youngers. I don’t know if this is making sense. I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now and just trying to figure out what songs they know and don’t know.

    • Sharla Dance

      Hi April! Great question. Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal! You got this. 🙂 When I am teaching a song I don’t think they know well, I do an activity where I will sing the song for them a few times before asking them to sing. For example I might do ‘Mixed Up Pictures’ or ‘Eraser Pass’. I sing the song through as they try to complete the activity or challenge. I might sing the song through 3 – 4 times as they are doing the activity. They don’t know it but the words are entering through the back door. Then in a week or two when we do sing, they somehow magically know the words!

      Here is the link for eraser pass (works best with older primary who can read 🙂 – http://teachingprimarymusic.com/eraser-pass-activity-for-older-children/

      Here is the link for mixed up pictures – http://teachingprimarymusic.com/activity-idea-mixed-up-pictures/

  3. Kerri

    Hi Sharla,

    I’m not sure how else to get in touch with you. I just recently purchased your book To Teach a Child a Song. It has been such a fantastic resource with all your ideas and research in one place. I am wondering though, what has happened to Appendix A? I click on the link to it and it gives me a “404 page not found” error code. Help!

    Also, in answer to your question above in the post about what melody map would we like to see next: I Want to Live the Gospel. That song has me a little stumped and a melody map or other ideas on how to teach that would be great. I feel like it could be strong declaration, it has a very strong steady beat, but the melody lends itself to something more gentle.

    Thanks for all you do. Your work has been life changing for me in the way I approach music and the gospel and children. Thank you!

  4. Barbie Anderson

    Did I miss somethings? Do you have a melody map for the second part of the song? “Pray, He is there.”

  5. Sherri Helm

    I’m trying to teach I won’t walk away by shawna edwards and would love a melody map

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