Come Follow Me: Magic Crayon for Younger


Even the word sounds full of magic.

And that’s what this activity called “Magic Crayon” is.  Magic.


Here is a general post about this kind of activity.

And here is the specifics for Come Follow Me.

Tell the children that you have a magic crayon in your pocket.  Take out an imaginary crayon and hod it up in the air.  With your other hand, make a “poof” movement like a magician, then tell the children that your crayon is magic and it just turned yellow with sparkles (or whatever color you want it to be).

Now ask the children to take out their magic crayons and go “poof” to turn it their favorite colors.  Start singing the song and draw in the air with your magic crayon.  Circle, circle, circle on one side. (Come follow) Switch to the other side. Circle, circle, circle. (me, the) Repeat. (Savior) (said)

Stop singing.  (You should have finished the first phrase ending in “the Savior said.”  Ask the children what colors their crayons were.  Now go “poof” again to your crayon and change its color.  Tell the children to change the color of their crayon also.  Pick up singing the second verse and circling with your new color. “Then let us…”

Change the pattern

When you get to the end of that phrase “footsteps tread,” stop again ask the children what colors their magic crayons were. Change colors yet again.

Tell the children to watch carefully because you are going to change. With big sweeping motions, color the sky three times (for thus a-), then color the floor three times (-lone can) . Repeat. (we be) (one.) Stop the singing and ask the children to have their crayon follow your crayon.  Go back to the original pattern of circle, circle ,circle to the side as you sing the last phrase, switching after three circles to the other side, and repeating that pattern.

Changing the pattern in the middle keeps the children alert and challenged.  Changing the colors often, especially when they hear the colors chosen by the other children, allows them to expand their imagination.  Young children really like this activity!


5 Responses

  1. Jenny

    Thanks so much, Sharla!
    I love my calling, but I needed fresh ideas. Now I’m excited to dive in.

    Jenny Moodie

  2. Kelly Jones

    Thank you Sharla for your fun ideas!

    I do have a question. Since this will be the first time my Jr. children are hearing “Come Follow Me” in primary, should I do any explanation or story about what the song means?


    • Sharla Dance

      For this first introduction into the song, you are giving them the “feel” and movement of the song through experience. Once they have that experience and have slept on it, they have a place in their brain to “put” and store the learning they will gain in the future. The following Sundays would be a great time to deepen their understanding of the song little by little. Thanks for asking!

  3. Angela

    I am new, and I have a combined primary. It seems they have touched upon Come Follow Me, a little, so the primary knows the tune, but not really the words. Would this activity be acceptable for a combined primary or to juvenile for sr. primary?

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