Primary Music Ideas and Lesson Plans – July – Come Follow Me

Come FOlloW ME July

July: Come Follow Me – Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas for Singing Time.


Younger: Magic Crayon

What color is your crayon?  Mine is magical and changes while we sing.

Older: Color Code

What does this code have to do with this song?


Younger: Egg Shaker

Can your hands follow my hands?  Now would you like to hold an egg shaker like me as you follow my hands?

Older: Egg Shaker Pass

Tap, shake, tap.  Then let’s extend and join with a group.  Pick up, shake, pass.


Younger: Melody Map with Pictures

Can you put this picture of the Savior on this color as I tap your shoulder?

Older: Melody Map

What do these posters have to do with the song I’m singing?

How to Make a Melody Map

Instructions to make melody maps


Younger and OlderDo As I’m Doing and Role Play

What would Christ do?  How do we role play that as we sing?

Older: Mirror Image

Can you be my mirror?

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  1. Natalie

    I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing (and making my calling so much easier!).

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