Free Printable – 13 Pictures for ‘Mixed Up Pictures’ activity for the song ‘Redeemer of Israel’

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Pillar of Fire by night. Thank you Photoshop for making this possible.

Howdy all! Joshua, Sharla’s son here. Still trying not to die as a new Primary Chorister. 🙂

We started learning ‘Redeemer of Israel’ and I couldn’t find any great images for doing the Activity ‘Mixed Up Pictures’

So I made / found these full sized 8 x 11 pictures from across the internet, mostly Unsplash.

To do Mixed Up Pictures, I printed off then put on the board with big magnets the kids could easily grab. I made sure the pictures were all mixed up. As I sang through the song, I would ask the kids to come up and put them in the right order. They liked it because they had the figure out what each picture represented (Can you guess which part of the song the represents?), then put them in the right order.

What each picture represents is written down in the file name.

There are thirteen high quality 8×11 pictures, to download them, click the download button. ??

Here is a gallery of the 13 pictures so you can see them all. Don’t download them one but one, just click the download link above. ??

Update was asked to provide a key, so here is a quick key to which pictures are which:

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  1. Dayna

    Thanks for sharing these! Can you share a key of what words go with which pictures? Some are obvious but I’m not sure on all.

  2. Katrina

    Thanks for sharing! Is this a good activity for both junior and senior primary?

    • Joshua

      Our Primary is Junior and Senior together and both groups seemed to do well with this activity. The key was making sure to call on Juniors sometimes and then giving them the time to think about it and helping them move the picture if they were too short.

      • Katherine Tong

        More posts from you Joshua! Love that you have combined primary also!

        Blessings to you and your mother dearest

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