Songs for 2020

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Here is the link for the 2020 songs for Primary music. Notice that there are 3 songs listed each month. What could seem overwhelming turns into manageable with these few principles. The best way to learn something is with … Continued

2019 Workshop video available!

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Click here to buy it on Gumroad. This year, in 2019, I presented a 2 and a half hour music workshop in Washington, all about teaching Primary Music.  We did multiple examples of Sharing Time, using different teaching styles, learning … Continued

I’ll Walk With You – Egg Shakers

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Older Children Prep: paper bags with 10 shakers each under the teacher’s chairs. Tell the children “Here’s the pattern.” (They don’t have the shakers yet.) Demonstrate shake, shake, tap, shake, around the back, hold. Tell the children “Follow the pattern, … Continued