Jesus Once Was a Little Child: Definition Match it Game for Older Children

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Concentration Game: There are 8 x 11 colored papers set up in a grid at the front of the room. (For this particular song, I would use 14.) As you sing the song, the a child lifts two of the papers to see if what is underneath is a match. If it is, they take down the colored paper. If not, they re-cover the two choices. All the children are working to get all the matches by the time I have sung the song 5 times.

Here are the definitions and pictures I would use:

make an attempt or effort to do something / Try

gentle and not easily provoked / Mild

quiet, gentle, submissive / Meek

The Messiah or Anointed One / Jesus

(picture of Christ as a child) / (matching picture)

(picture of adult Christ with children) / (matching picture)

(picture of a child serving another child) / matching picture)

Note: this activity can be used for younger children with fewer choices and more pictures. (I usually do not use words with younger children.)

Tell the children:  

There are matching pictures under these colored papers. As I sing the song, I will tap a child on the shoulder to come up and lift up two of these papers to see if they are a match. If they are not a match, put the colored paper back to cover it again. If they are a match, take the colored paper off of the matches. I am going to sing the song only 5 times! Go quickly and see if you can match it before I finish.

Sing the song and tap children on the shoulder until all the matches are found.

The children are hearing the rhythm, the pitch, the flow, the feel of the song, and the words again and again. They are seeing different meanings of the words that they might not have thought of before. They are challenged to remember where the different matches are on the grid. And the words of the song as well as the feel of the song slips into the backdoor of their memory.

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  1. Kennedy Thorley

    Where do you get the pictures? Print them yourself? Library? Files? I spent 10 minutes in the church library last week going through the huge and outdated notebook of pictures by number!

    • Sharla Dance

      Yes, I printed them off of the LDS website. Thanks for asking! (I found that if I have a file of these kinds of pictures, I can use them down the road for a different kind of activity.)

  2. Jessica A Gillespie

    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas! I love how they incorporate so many learning styles!

  3. Tiffany

    Hi Sharla! I have loved using this activity with my junior primary, but I’m still unclear on how you incorporate the definitions with the seniors. Are they matching a picture with the definition? Or two pictures and then they come up with the definition?

    • Tiffany

      Oh I’ve just figured it out! They are matching a word from the song with it’s definition, and then a couple of pictures. Got it, thanks! x

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