2020 – January through June

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January “Book of Mormon Stories,” Children’s Songbook, 118–19 “Keep the Commandments,” Children’s Songbook, 146–47 “The Iron Rod,” Hymns, no. 274 – ideas here February “Nephi’s Courage,” Children’s Songbook, 120–21 – ideas here and here “I Feel My Savior’s Love,” Children’s Songbook, 74–75 – ideas here “I Love to See the Temple,” Children’s … Continued

I Feel My Savior’s Love

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Younger Waves of the Sea Action Word Actions Paper Plates pattern Silent Video Magic Crayon Melody Map and pictures of the Savior Older Children Waves of the Sea Melody Map and add the personal words Complicated Paper Plates pattern Silent … Continued

We’ll Bring the World His Truth

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Younger Sway and Freeze Rhythm Stick pattern Shield, Bow, and Name Tag Pillar Pictures Matching Body Rhythm Pattern Older Complicated Body Rhythm pattern/Partner Body Rhythm pattern Complicated Rhythm Stick pattern Pillar Picture and Word Matching Clap Slap and Word Freeze

I Will Walk with Jesus

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Younger Scarf pattern and Self selected child leaders Concentration Matching Game (2 each of 6 pictures) Step, Cross Clap, Step back Sign Language Older Complicated Scarf pattern with partners Concentration Matching Game (2 each of 10 pictures/words) Paper Plates step … Continued