3rd Article of Faith: Lesson Plan Ideas for Younger and Older Children


The 3rd Article of Faith.  Music is one way we can really support the depth of the children’s understanding and memorization of that scripture.

Ideas for Younger Children and Older Children (Each link has an idea for both Younger and Older children on the same page except for Magic Paintbrush.)

  1. Stairsteps
  2. Wind wands
  3. What can the Atonement Do? Concentration Game
  4. All Mankind Puzzle
  5. Magic Paintbrush (for Younger Children only)
  6. ABC for Older Children




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  1. Adrienne

    Hi Sharla! Thank you so much for this. I’m a new chorister. Does the Primary outline specify an Article of Faith for each month? Or are you simply choosing one to focus on each month? I’d love a little more info on this.

    • Sharla Dance

      Dear Adrienne,
      I focused on this Article of Faith because it is the scripture of the month for the month of April. In June it will be the 4th Article of Faith. Because each child is supposed to memorize the Articles of Faith for graduation, it helps to occasionally focus in on an Article of Faith. I don’t do them every month, but I did do Article of Faith #1 in January, #3 in April, and I will do #4 in June. Thanks for asking!

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