Did You Think to Pray? Pictures that Come Alive

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Frame cut out of foam board. Three inches around the sides.

Tell the Children: I have a picture frame, but I don’t have any pictures! Let’s make the pictures come alive. I have asked 5 people to help me show you some “pictures” in this frame while I sing this song. Ready?

The children you have chosen to help you come up to the front. They each have two of these “picture” descriptions. As you sing, they proceed to do that one action in the frame. You will need some props: a pillow, a picture of Christ, and a cardboard shield shape.

  1. Person with a pillow just waking up
  2. Person praying
  3. Person holding up a picture of Christ
  4. Person asking something
  5. Person holding a shield
  6. Person praying
  7. Person that is weary (tired, discouraged)
  8. Person covering their eyes, then uncovering their eyes (night to day)
  9. Person that is sad, tired (dreary)
  10. Person praying

Sing the Song as the children do their action in the frame.


  1. Have the 5 children give their two action slips to another child, and have 5 other children come up and do the actions while you sing the song again.
  2. Sing the song silently (without sound, but mouthing the words) while the children do the actions.
  3. Have all the children do the actions with the child in the frame.

  1. Cali

    I did this today (just with Junior), and it worked well! However, it took more time than I anticipated it would. One of the biggest time eaters was getting the children into order as they came up, since I was reading their slips to place them in order. As I was taking time to set them up, the children sitting in their classes lost interest, so I then had to pull them back in.

    Reflecting on the activity has helped me to see where I could have tweaked a few things to help with the flow. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Instead of giving out slips of paper, I would just have the objects lined up and ready for 5 children to come up and act out that picture. As they come up, I would place them with an object and give them a quick action to do.
    2. After we sang the song, they could just simply go and tag another child to come up, tell them which object to go to.

    Anyway, great activity! Very engaging, I’ll just tweak it a little bit next time:)

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