Easter Hosanna

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  1. Shakers
  2. Partner Arm Swings
  3. Silent Video
  4. Windwands
  5. Action Word Actions


  1. Complicated Shakers and Can Drums
  2. Windwand Patterns
  3. Silent Video
  4. Match the Meaning

This song has a lot of words in the verses, plus a catchy, but complicated rhythm in the chorus. Because of that, the children need to feel the beat and rhythms of the song in their bodies (the first and second activities).

They need a chance to focus on the words once they have heard the song and experienced it (Action word actions and match the meaning).

Because there are a lot of words, the younger children may also need more time moving to and experiencing the song than the older children, thus the 5 different activities, instead of just 4.

In addition, Christ’s visit is an amazing highlight of the Book of Mormon and the silent video activity will help connect this song to a visual representation of this story.

7 Responses

  1. Amy

    Sharla, I just sat down to plan my singing time for this week and was overjoyed to find these ideas! I am starting this song on Sunday. One question (and maybe you’re already working on a post for this): how would you do the shakers and can drums? Thanks so much for all your help!

    • Sharla Dance

      Take a look at the reply I gave Lisa. I will try to get a video up from the last workshop if I can find someone who took a video. Thanks for asking.

    • Sharla Dance

      Shakers pattern: shake, grab, patsch, patsch (switch hands) repeat. On the chorus, shake in an arc over your head on Hosanna, and hit the rhythm of Blessed be the name of the most High God on your palm.
      Can drums: beat on the first beat of the measure 2 times, then every beat on “Now at last fulfilled.” Back to the first beat of every measure for 2 beats, then every beat on the words “man Himself revealed.” etc.

      Thanks for asking

  2. Lisa Little

    Sharla, thanks for these ideas! I found your Youtube video explaining the shaker pattern for this. It was very helpful.
    How would you simplify the shakers for younger children? Also, can you explain how you would do the can drums on the chorus, and how you would integrate drums and shakers after teaching them separately?

    • Sharla Dance

      On the chorus “Hosanna!” I would beat the rhythm of the word on the drums, then pick up the shakers for “Blessed be the name of the most High God” and shake out the rhythm. Thanks for asking!

  3. Lisa

    Since we are not meeting at church this month (coronavirus), we are considering recording ourselves teaching this month’s song. That way the kids can see us, know that we love them, and have a fun learning activity. Which of the activities above do you think would work well for a video post?

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