June: The Holy Ghost

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Younger: Story Song then Beat Against Rhythm

Engage the child with a story in which sung phrases of the song are an internal part.  Right after the story, you move into the beat agains rhythm activity.  Eyes sparkle when you do this activity.

Older: Story Song then Beat Against Rhythm

The same story used for Younger Children, but the Beat against Rhythm activity is different to be appropriate for older children.



Younger: Partner Arm Swing

Find a partner.  Swing your arms back and forth to the beat with a few “Freeze!” thrown in.

Older: Paper Cup Pop and Partner Paper Cup Pass

Use an imaginary paper cup to follow my pattern.  After singing and moving to the song, add the challenge of a pattern that passes the paper cup to your neighbor.



Younger: Can You Smell It? and Action Word Actions

Younger children have strong memory for actions that they make up to represent a word.  Use their sense of smell and the actions they make up in this activity.

Older: Can You Smell It? and Major Word Sign Language

Smell the different smells as the song is being sung, vote on which one brings a certain emotion, then silently sign some of the major words of the song.


Younger: Windwands

Bright ribbons fluttering to the beat of the song.  Children love using windwands to learn a song.

Older: Mountain Melody Map and the Second Verse for Older Children

What do you see? What do you notice? The children look up at the melody map, see the words around the board, and try to put the words where they go on the melody map.  It makes them curious and challenges them to solve the puzzle.

4 Responses

  1. Kristina

    You never cease to amaze me, Sister Dance! Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  2. Emily

    I tried your idea for “I Belong” and my junior primary picked up on the song so quickly! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you for doing this! I struggle a lot with teaching my junior primary kids because they can’t read but you save me! This is so great! thanks for your service!!

  3. Melissa

    There are many websites with singing time ideas, and yours is the one I always look too for inspiration. Your lessons are simple and always the most successful. I have learned a lot from how you teach. Thank you.

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