The Holy Ghost: Windwands for Younger Children

I’ve taught The Holy Ghost for three weeks to the younger children and most of the children have some of the song down.  How do I reach the other children and cement the song in the memories of all the children?

I’ve just read some research that children remember the attitude with which they learn something more than they remember what they learn (Lillian Katz).

How can I teach the song one more time so that the children love the experience?


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Every time I bring out the colorful ribbons of windwands, I see the children’s eyes sparkle!  Some of them will come up and want to touch the ribbons.  They always ask if they can touch them.  Singing a song while circling the windwands to the beat helps the children feel amazing positive feelings about the song.


With younger children, instead of doing complex patterns, I would circle on one side for 8 beats, then switch to the other side for 8 beats.  I would then call out “Freeze!” and put my ribbons down on the floor.  Give compliments to specific children who have put their ribbons on the floor, also.  Say “Let’s circle our ribbons in the air!”  Continue singing the song from where you were circling overhead for 8 beats, then down on the floor for 8 beats.

Here are some directions about how to use Windwands.

There are a lot of different ways to make windwands. Here is a couple of suggestions (look at the comments, also).  Some people use shower curtain holders and tie on strips of plastic tablecloth.  Some people use embroidery hoops and tie on double satin ribbon lengths.  Here is a pattern using dowels, rivets, and ribbon.

The children love singing a song and doing windwand patterns!

  1. Noel Groves


    I’d like to expand some of my resources for primary music time. Most of the commercial scarves that give measurements are 27″ square. I haven’t ever used scarves and wonder if 27″ x 18″ would be large enough scarves for individual children to use? Thank you. I enjoy having your book immensely!

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