Primary Singing Time – Oct. 18, Full Video

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Here is a sample Singing time. Three songs are included in this video: I Pray in Faith, Reverently, Quietly, and Families Can Be Together Forever each with their own activity.

You will need paper cups and rhythm sticks for this Singing Time. You can also find this video on YouTube under the channel Teaching Primary Music.

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  1. Annie

    Thank you for doing these videos! They’re wonderful! I couldn’t get the video on this page to work, but I found it on your YouTube channel. I also saw that you had a Primary Singing Time Sept 27 video. Is it possible to get the melody maps and images you used for I Pray in Faith? I love how you put those together!

  2. Rebecca B Conger

    Sharla, on your January 17 YouTube video you used a Family History chart. Could you please share a link to find this?

    thank you! I appreciate every single video and teaching help you share. You are wonderful. I incorporate your ideas every singing time.


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