Search, Ponder, and Pray: Action Word Icons

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You can use these icons in two ways:

  1. Post these pictures at the front of the room out of order. I put them up with magnets. (You can download them on this site. Search for Printable Melody Maps in the search bar.) Sing and Do the verse and ask the children to help you put the icons in order. (Older children can put more of these icons in order than younger children.)
  2. Do the action and post the picture. Have the child do the action. Do about 4 actions, then sing the whole song and ask the children to do those 4 actions. Continue teaching 4 more actions and posting the icon pictures. Ask the children to do all 8 actions with you as you sing the song. (And so forth)

Extension activity: Once you have gotten the icons in order and have sung the song once doing the actions, try NOT singing the song while you do the actions and the piano plays. It allows the children to hear the song and the words inside their head, a very strong way to learn a song.

You can download these by right clicking on the images and clicking save image as. This will download it to your computer.

I Love to read… Cross your forearms across your chest for love.

…the holy scriptures. (you can do this sign holding your hands together like an open book, or running the hand sign “C” (for Christ) across the other hand which means Christ is in the book.

Brush the knuckles of your hands together, then point at your watch. “Every time…”

Point to this picture and do the ASL hand sign for the word “search.” (Again holding your left palm up as if reading off of it, then the right hand running fingers over the palm as if searching something in a book. Say the word “search” and do the action.

Move your hands back and forth in a swinging motion. “do”

“Spirit” … Spiral your hands up and down away from the middle meeting place of the hands in this shape.

“to grow within my heart”… point to your heart

“testimony”… hit the palm of your hand with your other fist (the children really like this one).

“…true”… put your forefinger against your bottom lip and push it forward. To tell truth.

This is the chorus below (the verse is above). I would do the chorus or verse completely, before trying to do the whole song.

Hold one hand up fingers together, palm up. Now use the other hand to pretend like you are looking for a certain word or sentence. “Search”

“Ponder”… I put my forefinger to my temple or chin and look pensive.

“Pray” …this is the traditional sign for pray.

“are the things…” Count out one, two, three with the fingers of one hand.

“do”… swinging your hands back and forth

“The Spirit will guide…” Do the sign for Spirit, then with one hand point forward.

“…deep inside” Indicate deep inside with your hands to your chest.

“I’ll know” Point to your forehead with all fingers and move your hand out

“scriptures” Either hold your hands together like a book, palms up, or use one hand and run the hand sign for “C” across the other (C for Christ)

“true” Put your fore finger against your lips, and push the finger outward.

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