Search, Ponder, and Pray – Story Song

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Story Song is such a strong way for the children to hear the whole song, associate it with a real person, and feel the emotions and the Spirit that the song brings.

Tell the children: I have a story. Tell the story below or your own version. When the words are italicized, that is what you will sing.

Jennifer woke up with a start.  It was still dark outside and there were no lights on in the house either, except for a small light down the hall.  Walking quietly, Jennifer headed down the hall towards the light and peaked in the door.  Her dad was sitting in a chair holding the scriptures and writing something down on a pad of paper.

“I love to read the holy scriptures,

And every time I do…”

Her dad looked up, but he wasn’t looking at her.  He cocked his head to the side and tapped his chin with his pen.

“I feel the Spirit start

to grow within my heart,

A testimony that they’re true…”

Suddenly her dad made a big excited sighing sound. Jennifer looked closely at him.  He was smiling.  His eyes drifted over to the door and he saw Jennifer.  He looked surprised! “What are you doing here, honey?” he asked.  Jennifer scampered over to him and sat in his lap.  Then she asked, “What are you doing?”  “I’m learning about Heavenly Father,” he said.

“Search, ponder, and pray

Are the things that I must do…”

She looked up into his face.  “How come you’re smiling?” she said.  Her dad gave a small, happy sigh.  “Because I felt a wonderful feeling as I read just now,” he replied.

“The Spirit will guide, and deep inside,

I know the scriptures are true.”

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  1. Coralee Bernard

    What would you do after the story? Would you have the kids sing along with you, or would that be all for the day for that song?

    • Sharla Dance

      I use this story song after doing two other 5 minute activities with other songs. It helps deepen the children’s emotional connection and understanding of what the song is all about. I quickly bear my testimony in one short sentence after I finish while the children are still in listening mode. It’s one of my favorite activities.

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