Activity Idea – Story Song: What is it, and how do you do it?

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A story song has a strong power to attach images and emotions from the children’s minds to the song, as well as giving them an opportunity to hear the entire song and give context to the words.

Tell the children you have a story to tell them. Begin to tell the story and sing the song. Tell one or two sentences of the story, and then sing one phrase of the song.

Alternate between telling the story and singing the song. (Examples below.)

You won’t sing the song a bunch of times using this activity. You only sing the song through once.
But the story helps them remember the song emotionally, and spiritually as they can feel the Spirit testify.

The child’s brain actually sees the images of a story and feels the movements in his or her body. It is a very strong way to share an experience-based memory without having to go through the experience!

Story Song Things To Do:

  1. Move around as you sing. You are not stuck behind the podium. Walk up and down the isles.
  2. Make the story personal. If you can tell a story from your own life it is great.
  3. A great way to do this is to setup a tiny problem for the character then sing the part of the song that relates to that or solves issue.

Story Song Things Not To Do:

  1. Don’t tell the whole story, and then the whole song. Children need change of pace and they will get bored or stop listening if you tell the whole story all the way through.
  2. Don’t tell a silly story. ‘Dan dropped an apple on his head etc’

Examples of Story Songs

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